First coffee


The first session is free!


Everyone deserves to have access to affordable, unbiased, high quality financial advice, no matter what your financial situation.

How does it work?

Book a session here. If you are in Singapore we will meet in person; if not, we will meet virtually (I make regular trips to HK and the US).

After you book I will send you a quick questionnaire to ask for helpful information that will make our first meeting as productive as possible.

During our first meeting we will –

  • Evaluate (without judgment!) your current financial health
  • Discuss your goals and what it will take to get there
  • Go through your most pressing issues
  • Understand how financial coaching will be of value to your specific case
  • Most importantly, begin to build a trusted relationship so you can feel comfortable before making any commitments

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Financial coaching is new to most people, and I want you to feel comfortable that it’s right for you before making a commitment. You will learn a lot, and also be challenged on how you think about money, what it means for your personal goals, and any habits you have in managing it.

We are going to build lifelong skills that you can carry with you, and so it’s not always the easiest process. All I ask is that you have a real desire to accept change and achieve financial freedom.