Live webinar :
Investing in turbulent markets

Investing in the market during these turbulent times can be extremely risky. The markets are completely unpredictable, and even the best minds in the industry are arguing about which direction the market will go in. 
During this webinar we will explain the investor mindset to adopt, and focus on simple strategies you can implement to take the emotions out of investing and make smarter decisions. The strategies can be used at all times, but are even more critical right now. 
Tuesday, April 21 2020
5pm SGT     |    11am BST
Rishi Ramchandani
Founder and Financial Coach @ Cafe Cash Flow
In this webinar Rishi will share from his professional experiences working at Merrill Lynch for over a decade, and personally investing with his own money from a young age. 


Understand the mindset to adopt when investing. Learn from common mistakes experienced investors make, and how best to avoid them. 

4 simple strategies

Learn and understand 4 simple investing strategies to adopt, with explanations of why they work.