How it works

Whilst everyone has a completely personalized experience, this is a guide of what will be covered.

  • A total of 10 one-on-one meetings. They start off every two weeks and move towards monthly. Each session is 60 minutes, although they can be 90 if we are on a roll; I’m not a timekeeper!
  • Unlimited email/whatsapp access for any questions
  • Financial advocate calls – you may have calls with your financial advisor, insurance agent, banker or some other financial entity in which you have no idea what to say or ask. I will jump on the call with you and have your back.
  • Accountability throughout the 6-month period

What we will cover

Assessment of your current financial health

  • Analysis of all your finances, including, but not limited to, your budget, investments, and pension
  • Complete understanding of the assessment so you can analyze your own financial health in the future

Personal finance 101

  • Principles of money management
  • Principles of investing
  • Understand risk and how to take calculated risks
  • Make educated decisions on money management and investing
  • Develop good money habits that create wealth
  • Personalize teachings for your current state in life, and suited to your personality
  • Improve financial IQ & EQ to ultimately gain higher confidence

Personalized cash flow

  • Introduction to what cash flow is
  • Holistic view of all your finances and your net worth
  • Ability to see clearly where your money is coming from, and going
  • A customized financial spreadsheet for you to keep for life
  • Good practices to improve cash flow

Relationship with money

  • Deep dive into your relationship with money
  • Evaluate your money personality and awareness of the different money personality types
  • Alter mindset to create a positive relationship with money

Set goals

  • Clearly define goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)
  • Create short, medium and long term goals
  • Build a budgeting and investing road map to achieve your financial goals
  • Accountability matrix to keep on track and measure your progress


  • Introduction to budgeting and its importance
  • Strategies to keep to a budget that fit your personality
  • Utilize budgeting techniques to attain goals


  • Clear explanation of investing to gain confidence and develop the ability to make good decision
  • Investing options available to you
  • Understand risk and how to spot high risk vs low risk
  • Personalize investment teachings to your personality, goals and stage of life
  • Deep dive into your selected investment choices
  • These include, but are not limited to
    • Pension
    • Dividend stocks / fund
    • REITS
    • Rental property
    • Insurance – all types
    • Index funds
    • ETF’s
    • Stocks
    • Venture capital investing
    • Fintech’s – Robo advisors, crowdfunding etc.

Remember, all of the above is personalized for you and your financial and personal circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all to financial freedom!

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